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Everyday Trash

With the rapid economic development, The people’s work and people’s ideas have increased.
Straight to this, our company also does its part for the society.
Implement some series of environmental protection plans, The first launch is interactive garbage cleaning.
Our company intended to supply the trash cans in free of charge.
Displaying on the streets beside each shop, Convenience the passers-by, and shopkeepers.
Keep a clean environment with the exquisite trash.
Their beautiful color with arts patterned also decorate the social environment.
Our company hopes that kinds of concept will be implemented nationwide.
Make every city have more clean and loveable.


Sport Game

Joining to the sport game. The most best of things are holding the beer enjoying with your friends. That flask is the best choice for your company. The tube bottle can hold 720ml cold beer, which can be filled with some ice. The long tube can delay the time of ice melting. Your event of the sport game can less the man power to filling so many beer mug. The most important things is that bottle is made by plastic and it's not easy to broke and with the cover can avoid to spit a beer on the whole body. Exciting part is the finial of win and lost moment. Fighting happening are difficult to avoid. This bottle only can be a weapon protection, can't cause any big bleeding accident.

Build Decorate

When you see the one, Don't want to be only one. We can give you a hand to let some people around them. Make your life and steal the light with someone. Not his wrong, not you're wrong, is world something wrong. Shared the light you can accept and make the light becomes strong.

Outdoor Fan


Our fan is your friend to tell the friend, where are you, what is your name...Here is the area to catch up with your friends. Deteching them when relaxing for talking, eating and jamming...Let the whole of street sparking the light with your brand. Let your natural friend have fans and bring you to some friends.

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Gift for love


Sharing your bath time with your love.
That is a gift are really can sharing the feeling with your other.
Like flow into the sea, bath under the sunshine, bath with love. Clean and soft.
soap with the sponge, like you and me,
Magic bubble time are making together.
Holding and touching felt the magic moment.
That gift is for every day when you using will also thinking about me.

Packing: Soap with sponge pack with the flat greeting card with window box/shrink wrap pack in the display.

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Meaning Souvenir


When you leaving the place. One of the things you won't forget. That is me, on your matches in your pocket. No need to go anywhere to search. Light up your finger to cleaning up a moment something are missing in your mind.

That gift can print your own logo, giving from some shop. Connection different kind of relationship.  

Buy one get a free gift

Hold your bargain power to asking the best price sending the free gift to your customer. Make them happy and reminding them of your brand are beside them every day.

USB catalog souvenir

The customer would like to see your smile when tired of walking in the show. They would like to have some much better than your smile and kindly service. Give this to them, that with your logo and the brand. Inside lock up your detail information with a nice catalog. Let them review your product in feel free time. They will keep your catalog in the pocket every day. When they using their privacy also can see you there. You are their one of the important stuff saving in my USB.

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Website platform 

Our page is a free platform that brings together different have wisdom. There are eight women’s collections of entertainment, women’s attention to beauty postures, parents’ tight children’s advice on vanadium, catching up with the sloppy dressing consultation, and the healthcare that everyone needs to help the lighter modern family. Housewife has our DIY workshops will help you to make your own creative ideas. The page is more connected to the company's export page, which contains different types of household items that are economically announced. This page promotes an interactive system, hoping to interact and increase the exposure of products in the industry. Welcome retailers from all over the world. The annual fee for each product is only RMB 5.00, and the transaction fee is only 5%. For those interested in joining, please email to

Taylormade Advertisement


Face to face to know your company and analyze which kind of style to fit for advertising your brand.

Keep contact with us on


T-shirt for retail selling


Selling your brand of T-shirt with your brand in public retail market. Gift for the shop and selling your design in public with low price. Waiting for your friends to visit your shop. 


Marketing For The Future - 面向未來的營銷的攻略


Established back in 2008. as a marketing-advertisement company in Hong Kong helping to startups from APEC countries to get funding for their projects from enterprises advertised on our websites, social media & via EDM & to advertise Chinese companies overseas. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of services. Our mission is to provide the best solution that helps everyone. If you want to get engaged in our services feel free to contact us!

本公司成立於2008年。作為香港的營銷廣告公司,幫助APEC國家的創業公司,從我們的網站上,作廣告宣傅,在不同的社交媒體和EDM獲得支持,並幫助在海外的中國公司作宣傳。我們公司不斷的發展和擴張。我們提供廣泛的服務。我們的使命是提供最好的解決方案,幫助每間需要拓展的公司作宣傅。如果有意加入我們的服務,請隨時與我們聯繫! - 請填寫我們網站上的聯繫表格。祝您有個美好的一天!

Short-term promotion campaign - 短期推廣告活動


Our company events are displayed in different housing estates and department stores, Set up the different style of booths for the promotion of activities, Let the buyer, you can have a real experience to test the reaction of the market of their products. Experience the sales process and needs in the real market. Let the product advance the market, Have a firm grasp, and feel confident to the investment in different kinds of distribution of business.